Masjid Programs


> Short reminders (khatirah) after Isha

> Youth meetings for boys after Maghrib on Fridays:
• We focus on having discussions on topics that allows the youth to grow islamically and spiritually.
• We focus on teaching them how to navigate life in a non Muslim land as a Muslim.
• Our goal is to raise Future Leaders who have balanced knowledge in the Deen and dunya wise. Leaders who will hold on to their Deen and lead us forward.
• Alhamdulilah with Allah’s help some of the youth brothers are leading us in prayers.
• Some are giving khutbah in our masjid and other locations And also they give khateerah at our masjid.
• The youth helps out community members who need assistance. 7.The youth (brothers) are always there to assist with any event that is happening in the Masjid.

> Youth meetings for girls after Maghrib on Fridays:
• Youth Sisters Age 14+ English Halaqa every Friday 7:00 PM

Weekend Islamic school for children on Saturdays and Sundays

> Sisters Activities
• Sisters Urdu Halaqa every Third Saturday of the Month 2:00 PM
• Sisters English Halaqa every Fourth Sunday of the Month 2:00 PM
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> Children’s Activities
• Children Age 5-9 Halaqa every Third Sunday of the Month 2:00 PM
• Children Age 10-13 Halaqa every Third Sunday of the Month 2:00 PM

> Young Muslim (YM) Halaqa

> Young Muslim Junior (YMJ) Halaqa

> Family night program after Maghrib followed by free dinner. This is held in the last Saturday of each month.

> Community meeting last Sunday of each month after Maghrib prayer.

Other Activities
• Ramadan Taraweeh
• Ramadan Iftar
• Iteqaaf
• Eid Prayers
• Eid Picnic
• Muslim Family Day Sixflags
• ICNA Convention
• Take part in ICNA Relief, Helping Hands, & CSJ activities.
• Participate in Muslim Day at the Capital Hills.